Apr 192016

The road less travelled – for the road in the picture – an apt name.

This is the road you travel to get to New Zealand’s famous Mount Cook. I took this picture, and several more, standing in the middle of the road. The vehicle in the distance was the only one we saw for about an hour. A big wide, empty road, stretching for miles in an even bigger, empty landscape and with this iconic mountain in the distance. Fantastic! Continue reading »

Apr 192016

I suspect most of us were raised and educated to work as hard as we could, pass our exams, get a good job and work until we’re 65 then have a happy retirement.

Sound familiar? Is that what your parents and teachers told you?¬†This cartoon seamed to sum up many people’s thoughts on this traditional plan:

how to become a Utility Warehouse distributor

Well, we all know that JOB stands for “Just Over Broke” – earn just enough to keep you there.

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