Apr 192016

The road less travelled – for the road in the picture – an apt name.

This is the road you travel to get to New Zealand’s famous Mount Cook. I took this picture, and several more, standing in the middle of the road. The vehicle in the distance was the only one we saw for about an hour. A big wide, empty road, stretching for miles in an even bigger, empty landscape and with this iconic mountain in the distance. Fantastic!


For as long as I can remember, I had dreamed of going to New Zealand and experiencing the natural wonders up close and personal. For many years I had a dreamboard of pictures including Mount Cook, Milford Sound, Shotover, Lake Tekapo and a motorhome. Not just any motorhome though, it was a Maui, supposedly the best. Having travelled almost the whole of the South Island from Christchurch to Nelson, to Queenstown, to Milford Sound and on to Mount Cook I came across another scene from my dreamboard. So we stopped and this is one of the pictures I took. Oh, and our motorhome is also in the picture.

Like many people, I had not heard of goals or goal setting until I started with my first home based business – what does that say about our educational system and the IT companies I worked for, both British and American? After my introduction to goals, I spent many an hour writing them out, creating explicitly detailed descriptions, reading them out aloud every day. But I have to say, I wasn’t convinced that anything was really happening. That was until I found dreamboards.

I’m a visual person, words are not my forte, so pictures brought it all alive. It sounds so obvious now, find the medium that appeals to one’s strongest sense! Pictures for me, that could be words for you, perhaps a combination, a recording, whatever it is, I do recommend using it.

What really brought the power of goal setting and dreamboards home to me? I was recently looking at my original New Zealand dreamboard and realised that I had not only been to all of the places in the pictures but stood in almost the same spot as the original photographer had, spooky! Including the amazing Lake Tekapo with the church of the Good Shepherd. The only difference was the motorhome, the picture I cut out of the travel brochure was of a 2002 model, ours had been a brand new Mercedes, and yes, it was a Maui.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your own goals and how to set them.

To your success, Alan

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